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With effect from November 1, 2014, holders of Swedish Passports will be required to pay the fee of USD 30 for an entry visa to Rwanda (Visa valid for up to 30 days). However, they are NOT REQUIRED TO APPLY IN ADVANCE, they can request and receive a visa at the airport of ANY point of entry in Rwanda. If you so wish, you can apply for your visa ahead at the Embassy or online. Similarly, nationals of the following Countries which previously enjoyed the same visa waiver will also be required to pay for their visa at entry points to Rwanda, namely: Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Great Britain,USA. Holders of passports from other Africa Countries may apply for a visa on arrival at a Rwandan point of entry (airport or boarder post). For all the other countries, the requirements remain unchanged.
 For details see full announcement here):

Rwanda set to host regional science hub

By The Newtimes

Rwanda is set to host the region’s International Centre for Theoretical Physics, a science hub that seeks to advance scientific education in the developing world.

The construction of the first phase of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ITCP) complete with equipment, is underway and it expected to be concluded by December under a budget of about Rwf500 million. More 


Rwanda targets 563MW and 70% electrification by 2017

Posted by: ESI Africa

This is part of Rwanda’s strategy to add another 563 megawatts to its power grid to help address the current electricity shortage and respond to the growing demand for energy. The government has also set a target to connect at least 70 per cent of Rwanda’s households to electricity in the next four years. More

solar rwanda

By www.aftenposten.no

Grønne penger gir grønn vekst

I sommer åpnet Erna Solberg Scatec Solars solkraftverk i Rwanda, delvis finansiert av Norfund. Besøket i Rwanda burde gi Solberg los på større bytter. More 


Life in Rwanda: Nothing like the U.S.

Living in Kigali is like 
living in any big city.

There are bustling people, traffic, lots of shopping, good food and touristy sites to see.

It’s like any other big city, except when it’s not.

Every city has its own flavor, its own vibe. If Kigali, Rwanda, was a food, I would characterize it as passion fruit with a few potatoes and maybe some rice. And beans. More