Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Sweden

Government of Rwanda Statement on need for urgent military action against FDLR


The six month deadline given to “Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda” (FDLR) to voluntarily surrender and disarm has expired.

The Government of Rwanda reiterates its call to the Government of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the United Nations Mission in Congo (Monusco) to abide by their regional and international obligations, notably UNSC Resolutions 2147 (2014) Resolution 2098 (2013) both of which authorize: “[…] Offensive operations through the FIB either unilaterally or with FARDC […]”

As predicted, the FDLR has taken full advantage of this period to expand and consolidate its military and political organization with the aim to further destabilize Rwanda and the region.

Regional and International stakeholders are presented, once again, with a critical opportunity to demonstrate their genuine commitment to neutralizing negative forces and ensuring lasting peace in the Great Lakes Region.

Having consistently objected to all maneuvers used to protect or legitimize the FDLR, the Government of Rwanda urges the international community to ensure that hidden agendas are not allowed to stand, any longer, in the way of sustainable peace, progress and security for the citizens of this region.

The delaying tactics and excuses that have allowed the FDLR to perpetuate their crimes and genocidal ideology should no longer be tolerated.

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