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Ambassador’s message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Embassy of Rwanda in Sweden. In addition to Sweden, our Embassy represents Rwanda in the other 4 Nordic Countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

Ambassador Christine Nkulikiyinka

This website serves three broad purposes: to provide information about Rwanda, afford a platform for service delivery and to chronicle our rapidly growing ties with the Nordic Countries.

As a Rwandan Embassy, our services are guided by the values that underpin our Country’s post-genocide renaissance namely; commitment and efficiency. In a small but significant way, this website will contribute toward that goal.

Among the many services you can receive from our website are the following: visa and consular help, trade, investment and business partnerships opportunities in Rwanda, in-depth information about Rwanda, the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ and useful links to vital organs and institutions in Rwanda and in the Nordic Countries.

Beyond service delivery, the website offers regular updates on various facets of Rwanda today while also contributing to the vision of our foreign policy—”A Rwanda that is politically and economically harmoniously integrated in a peaceful and prosperous Region, Continent and the world”

I hope you find our website useful. Please explore the website and share with us any comments or suggestions.

Christine Nkulikiyinka, Ambassador

Embassy of Rwanda to the Nordic Countries


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