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ICT Investment Opportunities in Rwanda- WEBINAR

Welcome to a webinar jointly arranged by the Swedish East African Chamber of Commerce (SWEACC) and Private Sector Federation in Rwanda (PSF).

If interested to join, please use this link https://forms.gle/7vaRgcNAvWSbfx719

Govt to provide incentives to mining exploration companies

Workers at LuNa Smelter, the sole producer and exporter of tin in both Eastern and Central Africa, in Kigali recently. The Government has put in place an incentive package that seeks to attract investors in mining exploration activities, which is part of a drive to strategically reposition the country’s mining sector in the region.

Rwanda says it has put in place an incentive package that seeks to attract investors to invest in mining exploration activities, part of the drive to strategically reposition the country’s mining sector in the region.

The new incentive package was announced Tuesday, November 10, ahead of the Africa Mining Forum, by Francis Gatare, the Chief Executive Officer at Rwanda Mines, Gas and Petroleum Board (RMB).

“We are excited about a new incentive [package] for exploration companies that gives incentives for a 10 year-loss carry over,” he said during a press briefing. “This means that companies that invest in initial exploration can carry forward losses or expenses incurred during that period.” Read more

Source: The New Times


Recognising Gishwati-Mukura as a biosphere reserve will foster economic development in the region while raising the country’s profile as a tourist destination, according to officials.

Biosphere reserves promote sustainable development, especially by involving the population living around in their management, conservation, and research on the interaction of human and nature, as explained by Leatitia Busokeye, the Director of Research, Environmental Planning at Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

“Inducting Gishwati-Mukura a biosphere reserve increases national and international recognition of the site as a good place to live, to work, and to visit,” said Busokeye.

Gishwati Mukura, which also consists of a national park, joined Rwanda’s Volcanoes in a network of more than 700 other biosphere reserves globally.

The landscape features larger Gishwati and smaller Mukura forests, a buffer zone and residence area.

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Source: The New Times

Biruta: Rwanda fully supports UN reform for efficiency, transparency

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Vincent Biruta

Rwanda fully supports the UN reform process launched by the Secretary General in order to make the organization more efficient in its action, more transparent in its management and more responsive to crises, according to Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Vincent Biruta.

He said this on Monday, October 26, during the high-level meeting at the margin of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the “Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.”

Biruta assured António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and others, that as countries celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations, it is a moment to reflect on the achievements of the UN system, “while we renew our commitment to the founding aspirations of our organization.”

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Source: The New Times