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Monday to Thursday: 09:00-17:00

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  1. Dr. Fatemeh Bakhtiari says:

    Dear Mr./Mrs
    I am a researcher at technical university of Denmark. I live in Denmark but my passport is from Iran.
    I need to be in Rwanda on August 17. How long in advanced I should apply for the visa. ( How long the process of visa issuance takes). I will be in Germany for a workshop until 27th July. Can I apply for Visa on 28th July and get the Visa for August 17th? I really appreciate your answer.


    • Embassy says:

      Yes you can. You may apply now. If you have all the required documents, it should take 3-5 week days to process your visa from when we receive all documents.


  2. Daniel Ehn says:


    Im going to Uganda and Rwanda in september-october and want to confirm that i should Apply for an East Afrika visa online?

    Regards Daniel


  3. David says:

    HI . . im planing to stay in Rwanda 9 month per year then stay home in Sweden 3 month over the summer !
    Is it okey to renew. the T2 Tourist visa 2x times after apply for the first here in Sweden ? . . thank u sir


    • Embassy says:

      T2 is for people visiting Rwanda for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational purpose or other short term non work purpose. It’s valid for 3 months and can only be extended for a further 3 months at the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration offices in Rwanda.

      Find details on the right visa for you here:


      • David says:

        Okey so if i extend for 3 month in Rwanda then i travel to South Africa for a weekend and apply for a new T2 visa in Rwandas embassy there…. should be ok?. . need to stay 9 month in total in Rwanda.


      • Embassy says:

        Dear David, the process as outlined on the immigration website is correct. Whether another visa will be issued after your initial 3 months and a one week break in between is a matter that will be decided by the immigration department based on your application.


  4. Hi!
    Your website informs that I can get a visa at any entrypoint in Rwanda. What do I need to bring? Photo? Applicationform? 30 USD in cash? Or is it more effective to apply in Sweden before I go?



    • Embassy says:

      Dear Mari,
      Indeed you can get a Rwandan visa at any entry point with no prior application. You don’t need to bring any passport photo. You get an application form at the boarder/point of entry. Credit cards generally work but it doesn’t hurt to carry some 30USD cash with you.


  5. Kari Larsen says:

    What should a person born in Rwanda do to renounce the Rwandian citisenship when she has got a new one from Norway?


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