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  1. Dr. Fatemeh Bakhtiari says:

    Dear Mr./Mrs
    I am a researcher at technical university of Denmark. I live in Denmark but my passport is from Iran.
    I need to be in Rwanda on August 17. How long in advanced I should apply for the visa. ( How long the process of visa issuance takes). I will be in Germany for a workshop until 27th July. Can I apply for Visa on 28th July and get the Visa for August 17th? I really appreciate your answer.

    • Embassy says:

      Yes you can. You may apply now. If you have all the required documents, it should take 3-5 week days to process your visa from when we receive all documents.

  2. Daniel Ehn says:


    Im going to Uganda and Rwanda in september-october and want to confirm that i should Apply for an East Afrika visa online?

    Regards Daniel

  3. David says:

    HI . . im planing to stay in Rwanda 9 month per year then stay home in Sweden 3 month over the summer !
    Is it okey to renew. the T2 Tourist visa 2x times after apply for the first here in Sweden ? . . thank u sir

    • Embassy says:

      T2 is for people visiting Rwanda for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational purpose or other short term non work purpose. It’s valid for 3 months and can only be extended for a further 3 months at the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration offices in Rwanda.

      Find details on the right visa for you here:

      • David says:

        Okey so if i extend for 3 month in Rwanda then i travel to South Africa for a weekend and apply for a new T2 visa in Rwandas embassy there…. should be ok?. . need to stay 9 month in total in Rwanda.

      • Embassy says:

        Dear David, the process as outlined on the immigration website is correct. Whether another visa will be issued after your initial 3 months and a one week break in between is a matter that will be decided by the immigration department based on your application.

  4. Hi!
    Your website informs that I can get a visa at any entrypoint in Rwanda. What do I need to bring? Photo? Applicationform? 30 USD in cash? Or is it more effective to apply in Sweden before I go?


    • Embassy says:

      Dear Mari,
      Indeed you can get a Rwandan visa at any entry point with no prior application. You don’t need to bring any passport photo. You get an application form at the boarder/point of entry. Credit cards generally work but it doesn’t hurt to carry some 30USD cash with you.

  5. Kari Larsen says:

    What should a person born in Rwanda do to renounce the Rwandian citisenship when she has got a new one from Norway?

  6. Jaana Saha says:

    Hi, just confirming that east african tourist visa (for a stay of 17 days) can be obtained upon arrival in Kigali? I’ve applied and paid the visa online about a month ago, but for some reason haven’t received it. I do have an email confirmation from Rwanda authorities that they’ve received my application as well as the payment.

    • Embassy says:

      Dear Jaana, indeed you can receive an east African visa on arrival but you should receive an approval before arriving at the port of entry. Get in touch with the Immigration department or call/email embassy for follow up.

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